Friends, Family And Festivities Making Matrimonial Magic

Your wedding day is just a few short weeks away and panic is starting to give way to neurosis. Things are coming together well, but you can’t help wondering if you’ve done all you can to ensure that your guests enjoy the magic just as much as you do. Friends and family are the spice that makes your celebration special and Any Event Productions would like to offer a few last minute tips to help you ensure that your guests know just how special they are. Continue Reading)


If you’re like most of us, you have a few friends who are vegans or allergic to gluten and finding food options are often difficult for them at celebrations. Remember the folks with alternative eating habits or food requirements when you meet with your caterer. They will be grateful and touched that you took time to consider their needs and you’ll feel great knowing your guests feel great.


Remember that your friends and family have a wealth of personal history. Draw on that history, particularly when planning your music and you’ll spark great memories and create magical new ones. Maybe you remember that grandma loved the Platters and Aunt Jean still jams to Earth, Wind and Fire; make sure to play tunes. If you can discover the songs significant people enjoyed at their own weddings, adding those favorites to your own playlist will bring a special sparkle to your loved ones eyes.


Are the infants and small children of guests welcome at your festivities? If so, taking time to plan a space for nursing and entertaining the wee ones will be a thoughtful and appreciated touch. A private area equipped with a changing table, along with a comfortable chair will make celebrating easier for those with babies. And Any Event Productions suggests that creating a corner with a few mats, toys, and books will help keep small children entertained and provide them a place to rest when they get tired and cranky.


Don’t forget about the unique needs of your out-of-town guests. Perhaps they have arranged to bunk with friends or extended family, but if they’ll be staying in a hotel, they’ll face challenges only out-of-towners can. Make a short list of things to do, places to see and great places to eat; it will make being away from home easier and their whole trip more enjoyable. If they have small children, don’t forget to include family friendly activities on your list and adding a couple of well-vetted baby-sitting services will boost you to superstar status in your guests’ eyes.

Once you’re sure you’ve done everything possible to ensure that your guests have the best possible time celebrating your wedding day, you can release the encroaching panic. Your time has come; take a deep breath, relax and bask in the magic of your special day.

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Key Questions To Ask Your DJ Before You Hire Them.


Here are some key Questions that you need to ask your DJ before hiring them.


Your event is special to us.

Hiring the right wedding DJ can make or break your wedding reception.


When it comes to working with vendors for your wedding day, you really want to make sure you hire professionals whose work you like and that you feel comfortable working with. In order to ensure you choose the right vendors for your wedding, you need to be super thorough in your interviews to ensure you’re a proper fit for each other. One way to get to the bottom of things is to know which questions to ask each particular vendor, from the photographer down to your wedding DJ.


The wedding DJ is one of the very few vendors who can truly make or break your reception. If your DJ is great, the dance floor will be packed and your wedding will be remembered as the most awesome party ever. But a terrible wedding DJ could commit any number of wedding reception sins including playing awful music, boring your guests to tears, being awkward or embarrassing, or the worst: be offensive. So before you sign a contract with a wedding DJ, make sure you’ve asked him or her these important questions:

Do you have a written Contract?

As with the rest of your wedding vendors, do NOT proceed without a written contract. If they won’t provide one, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Can we meet the person who will be actually working my event before we sign a contract?

If you’re working with a DJ company who employs several different DJs, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re comfortable with the actual person who’ll be at your reception. Do they seem cool, fun, and also respectful? Are they listening to the questions you’re asking, and giving you thoughtful responses? Do they seem like someone you could have a fun time with?


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Will you work with my playlist AND my do not play list?

Wedding DJs love to have autonomy and play whatever they want to. But since it’s your wedding, you should get to have input about what gets played and what doesn’t. If you have some “deal breaker” songs, be sure to share them with your potential DJ and make sure he or she understands your wishes.

Will your equipment allow you to mix one song into another so that there are no breaks in between songs?

One of the top reasons to hire a wedding DJ rather than just using an iPod is that they should be able to provide a seamless flow of music. If they can’t, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Will you take breaks? If so, what happens during the breaks?

Again, unlike a band or an iPod, a DJ should be able to have a seamless flow of music with no breaks.

Will you take requests during the wedding?

Some wedding DJs love requests, while others don’t like having to hunt for an obscure song or interrupting their playlist.

Will you act as emcee and announce the cake cutting, first dance, toasts, etc? Can someone else act as emcee if you don’t provide these services?

Most DJs are used to making these types of announcements, but if you want a more personal touch you may want to ask your father or another charismatic person to act as emcee. Sometimes even the wedding planner will step in if the wedding DJ doesn’t make announcements, so there are always options to consider.

Can you give us an example of how you will make these announcements?

Wedding DJs usually use a big Vegas-style or Radio Host voice, but you might want something more refined or elegant if that’s not your style.

How many weddings do you DJ each year? Will you have another event on the same day?

Since DJs often work corporate events, bars, bar mitzvahs and birthday parties, you want to make sure he or she is comfortable with weddings and the higher level of sophistication they require. You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t any possible scheduling conflicts as a result of having multiple events booked for the same day.

Have you worked at our reception site before?

If he or she already knows the setup and staff there, it can make things more seamless on the day of the wedding. It’s not necessary, but it’s nice to have that reassurance that your wedding DJ is familiar with the layout and setup.

What sort of equipment do you use? Do your prices include the sound system, speakers, wireless microphone for the toasts, etc?

You’ll want to make sure he or she has the necessary equipment required to fill your event space with sound. Each of these extras can add up quickly. Your event space may already have them available, but it’s good to have backups in case of equipment failure.

What do you do if nobody is dancing?

If for any reason your guests aren’t feeling the musical selections, how does the DJ handle it?

How current is your music collection?

Does he or she have access to the newest music? Do you want the newest pop hit played at your reception or do you just want to stick to your old favorites?

What if we really want to hear songs that aren’t in your music collection?

If for some reason the DJ doesn’t have some music or songs that you really love, will he be able to acquire it or is that not possible?

Will you advertise your services to our guests? Will you be discrete?

Your wedding is a job, not a networking opportunity. You want to make sure the DJ you’re working with doesn’t seem sleazy or slimy, or like he’ll be looking for his next job while in the middle of working your wedding.

What do you wear as a wedding DJ?

You’ll want to ensure that your wedding DJ is dressed appropriately for the formality of your big day. No blue jeans or Hawaiian T-shirts, right?

Can I see a video of you playing at a wedding?

Ask to see footage of your DJ working at a wedding so you can get a feel for his or her style, personality, and character.

If you ask these questions, you should have a pretty good idea if your wedding DJ is something you want to work with or not.

OMG! I Need To Hire An Event Planner!


OMG! OMG! OMG! Your manager just dropped full responsibility for organizing the annual company Award Ceremony in your lap. You don’t have the first clue where to start and you have scant six months to pull it all together. How in the world are you going to make magic from this mess? It’s time to hire an event planner.


OMG! OMG! OMG! The guest list for your small, intimate wedding has exploded to include nearly 100 people; everybody from great-grandma to Cousin Johnnie’s two-year-old will attend. Your special day depends on your ability to ensure that everyone in this diverse group has a wonderful time and your head is about to explode. Before your nuptial bliss spins into an out of control nuptial nightmare, hire an event planner.


OMG! OMG! OMG! A wondrous evening of dining and dancing is your sorority’s vision for their annual celebration of sisterhood and you’ve been named chair for the event. You have nearly 11 months to plan, but the pressure is on. Every member of your committee is a working professional with young children; time is precious and there is so much to do. Coordination promises to be a struggle and there are far too many opportunities for the event to devolve into chaos. Corral the confusion and ensure a seamless evening; hire an event planner.


You’re convinced that you need help ensuring your upcoming event is everything you envision, but there are a couple of things you need to settle before you begin your search for an event planner. First, you must determine the objectives of your event. Who are you trying to reach? What are you trying to communicate and what is your end goal? It is also important to know your budget before you start shopping for an event planner.


Look for someone that has expertise with the type of event that you’re planning. If you are hosting a company event, you probably don’t want to hire someone who specializes in youth birthday parties and conversely if you’re planning a birthday party, you don’t want to hire a corporate event specialist. Don’t choose your event planner based solely on word of mouth recommendations; take time to check with your local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau to ensure your perspective planner is reputable and will interact with you with professionalism and integrity.
Interview potential planners thoroughly. Gather as much information about the planner as possible; allow them to walk you through how they would manifest your vision and how they would prepare for the unexpected. Determine what services they offer. If you need someone to manage your event from set-up to clean-up, look for a full-service planner with the ability to coordinate vendors like caterers and florists, provide entertainment and emcee services and provide the personnel to ensure your event flows seamlessly. If you require fewer services, a smaller, more focused company, like a DJ service or wait staff provider may fit your needs. No matter how big or small your need; remember that your event planner is someone you’ll work closely with for months; make sure whomever you hire is someone you will enjoy working with.


You’ve made your choice and you’re confident that together, you and your planner will host a memorable event, but the paperwork remains to be done. Read your contract carefully; ensure it details all the services your planner will provide as well as proposed expenditures. Make sure the contract addresses your responsibilities if for some reason your event should be cancelled as well as how your planner will address unexpected occurrences and potential disasters. It is also crucial that you understand the deposit and payment schedule as well as your planner’s cancellation and refund policy.

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